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It’s What’s on the Inside that Matters… Or Is it?

At GPA, collaborating with global brands and manufacturers allows us to stay on top of evolving market demands for innovative products. In the luxury packaging world, there are a series of design processes that, in our opinion, are becoming hot trends within the industry therefore driving some of our newest product offerings.

The Topography of a Label

Premium wine and craft spirits are all the rage in the North American market and across the world. As we look at the global trends for labeling, brands are searching for labels that “stand off the bottle” (think thicker stocks) with an indulgent texture. This trend has pushed our manufacturing team to create a new transformative product.

In our Wine and Spirits label category, we recently added Cotone Extra White Ultra WS as a complement to the original product, Cotone Bianco Ultra WS.

Cotone Extra White Ultra WS is a natural paper made from 100% cotton. The added benefit of a “tree-free” stock along with the texture, thickness, and brighter white shade allow a brand to choose the look they want that will set their product apart on shelf. This product will work for both short run digital prototyping along with long run manufacturing.

“A growing number of packaging companies are using haptic (or touch feel) technology for their products, as a way of offering features to appeal to senses other than the visual,” states Jonathan Thomas in The Future of Luxury Packaging to 2022. “Consumers are increasingly demanding a combined sensory experience of packaging, while the addition of haptic innovations that appeal to the sense of touch can enhance a product’s shelf presence. By enhancing the feel of the packaging, companies are creating associations in the consumers’ minds, which can lead to the increased likelihood of purchase.”

The Blackest Black

The embellishment trend will be here to stay for a while. Coupled with rich, dark stocks, the metallic looks popular among brands can be challenging to produce. Sirio Ultra Black from GPA/Fedrigoni Group has been manufactured to specifically tackle this issue. The innovative composition of the alpha cellulose pulp without carbon black dyes prevents oxidation when hot foil processes are used; this also helps reduce scuff-ability.

Sirio Ultra Black is a unique version of black paper, it is the blackest of black colors that will stand up to embossing, debossing, and laser cutting with no edge marks.

“Colours frequently trigger consumer emotions, and many shoppers will make snap judgements about products based on the color of the packaging,” explains Thomas. “Some of the more commonly used colours in luxury packaging include black, purple, gold and silver, all of which carry associations with quality and sophistication.”

As we continue to observe the global trends, GPA’s goal is to provide unique solutions and exceptional products to the packaging market. Though our continued commitment to innovation, GPA is driven to find new ways to assist brands in not only achieving, but surpassing their packaging goals.

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