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P&G Launches Heat-Sealable Paper Package

Haney congratulates our friends at Procter & Gamble for the market introduction of Always Cotton Protection utilizing paper packaging.  This new Always Cotton Protection package is fully recyclable and is made from renewable sources, as part of a pilot project with Dirk Rossmann GmbH stores in Germany.

The Always Cotton Protection paper packaging is FSC certified and completely plastic-free, making it easy to simply dispose in the paper recycling stream as it is 100% fully recyclable!  This package has been honored by the 2021 German Packaging Award in the category of Sustainable Packaging along with being named a WorldStar Winner in 2022.

Haney was integrally involved in the development of Procter & Gamble’s paper package that was ultimately launched with the Always Cotton Protection brand.  Matching this all-natural product with the heat-sealable paper packaging was the natural fit for Procter & Gamble’s new construction.  Development of this package spanned several years and involved extensive research & development, along with prototypes and test samples over multiple papers, structures, adhesives, coatings, print effects, colors and sizes.  Haney thanks Procter & Gamble for allowing us to be their package development partner for over twenty years, and we applaud the success of the Always Cotton Protection launch.

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