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Haney Becomes Hub for Compostable Package Development

Haney’s VIA Alliance is an open innovation hub that connects brands to best-in-class raw material supply chain partners for accelerated evaluation and validation of single-use sustainable packaging technologies

Connecting Technical Innovation to Brands

Haney’s VIA Alliance helps brands meet their corporate sustainable packaging goals through fast-cycle MVP learning and total validation.

Unrivaled Compostable Material Inventory

The VIA hub accesses over 8,000 products from 35 leading raw material manufacturers including:

  • Plastics & bio-materials (including resin manufacturers)
  • Folding carton & paper
  • Inks, coatings & adhesives
  • Decorative foils & effects

Detailed Information on Sustainable Options

Every VIA material partner has two components, a material cart and information panel, that allow brands to evaluate their sustainable packaging options.  VIA carts include product and market samples, data sheets and support materials that provide both “touch and feel” and technical information, while the information panels provide a high-level overview that answers the product, performance, benefits and costs of each alternative.  VIA partner information is then evaluated for relevance and applied as appropriate to each new market opportunity.

Putting it all Together

The reality is that true package innovation requires the coordination of multiple components working together to provide a single-use package solution, and Haney’s VIA Alliance provides the platform.  Outputs range from incremental renovation to existing structures to the transformation of new package formats, or big, bold, first-of-its-kind package invention.

The core deliverable of Haney’s VIA Alliance is that these solutions are done extremely fast, but in a controlled market launch.  Whether you need 1 prototype to convince management or 1 million plus market samples, Haney’s VIA Alliance has the sustainable packaging solution for you.

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